Persisting in a National Emergency!
GKCWPC Going Virtual


We find ourselves in an extraordinary times, and need to take extraordinary action.  Current recommendations are that we limit congregating in groups of less than ten - and just even better just stay home!  In order to do our part to keep everyone healthy, and still work on our mission the best we are able, the GKCWPC has made plans to operate virtually until the threat of the Corona virus is behind us.  All of our membership meetings, board meetings, fundraisers, etc. will be held online until we find ourselves in a healthier situation.


Our Missouri candidate endorsement process will also go to an online candidate screening process and voting.  We plan to have all the information up on our website by May 1st, with online voting from May 1st to May 7th.  Whether in person or online, you must be a member 30 days before the vote, so join or renew by March 31st.  The Kansas process will be later, but managed the same.  Check your membership status on JoinIt


Stay healthy and safe!


Rebecca Richardson
GKCWPC President
816 444-4360


Missouri Candidate Endorsement Process Going Online -
What You Need to Know



If you have been a member for awhile you know that our candidate endorsement process is formal and aimed at supporting the best progressive candidates in our area.  This year we are adapting our process to allow online voting.


GKCWPC Endorsement Process


Candidate endorsements for the NWPC is a tiered process. The national board screens and endorses candidates for federal level offices, with the input of the local and state organizations. Statewide candidates are screened and endorsed by state boards. State senate, state representative, and local candidates are screened and endorsed by local caucuses within their geographic areas. The state board may elect to screen and endorse candidates in areas where there is no local caucus.


The GKCWPC because of its unique position, straddling the Missouri and Kansas state line, screens and endorses local candidates in the greater metropolitan area encompassing both Kansas and Missouri.


Considerations for Endorsements and Contributions


We endorse women candidates in primary and general elections through screening committees, GKCWPC Board and membership votes. We utilize the following considerations.


Mission-related Factors:

  • Pro-Choice
  • Support for other GKCWPC positions
  • Voting record on all GKCWPC issues (if previous office holder)
  • Current and paid member of GKCWPC
  • Recruited by GKCWPC


Campaign-related Factors:

  • District demographics
  • Poll numbers
  • Experienced candidate (have they run or held office before?)
  • Potential financial support
  • Name identification
  • Training and staff


Contributing Factors:

  • Open seat
  • Who holds or held the seat previously?
  • Friendly incumbent
  • Endorsed by other groups


If you are interested in learning more about the endorsement process, running for office, or volunteering for a candidate,
please email us.


How to Vote on Candidate Endorsements


  1. Make sure you are a current member as of March 31st.  Check your membership status on JoinIt
  2. Or email to verify your membership status.
  3. Between May 1st and May 7th go to the web site to check the candidates on the ballot.  Remember, if you are a member it doesn't matter which state you live in.  We all vote for both Kansas and Missouri candidates.
  4. All current members will be emailed an online ballot by May 1st for you to fill out with more instructions. Vote and submit your ballot by May 7th. 


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