Women's Empowerment Program Links


Special thanks to Mayor Sly James, Joni Wickham, and Rachel Sweet for speaking at our November 2016 meeting about city government’s blueprint for women’s empowerment. This initiative, the first of its kind in the nation, is a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office, Central Exchange, Women’s Foundation, and UMKC’s Women’s Center.  


Part of the program includes facilitating the appointment of women to boards and commissions.  Here's a link to the Appointments Project to apply for a variety of board positions in Missouri and Kansas.  APPOINTMENTS PROJECT


GKCWPC Holiday Party
Friday, December 9th, Simpson House


Please join us for a fun evening to celebrate the holidays featuring live music, delicous food, plenty of libations, and warm fires.  We will have a short break from festivities to elect GKCWPC Board members for the 2017-2018 term. 


The Women in Politics Foundation, our local foundation that funds educational projects for our organization will co-sponsor our party and take a few minutes to talk about our charitable arm that is so important for our long term success.  Here's a link to donate to the Endowment Fund for the GKCWPC.  DONATE


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