2018 Candidate Screening Forms

Kansas 2018 Screening Form

Missouri 2018 Screening Form


Kansas August 7, 2018 Primary Election


Johnson County Commission, District 1
Hon. Becky Fast
Contact: www.beckyfast.com









Johnson County Commission, District 4
Janee Hanzlick
Contact: http://www.janeehanzlick.com/


KS House, 14th District
Angela Justus Schweller
Contact: https://angela4ks.com/


KS House, 17th District
Laura Smith-Everett
Contact: https://www.laurasmitheverett.com


KS House, 18th District
Hon. Cindy Neighbor
Contact: https://www.cindyneighbor.com/


KS House, 19th District
Hon. Stephanie Clayton
Contact: http://clayton4kansas.com/


KS House, 23rd District
Susan Ruiz
Contact: Sueruiz@gmail.com


KS House, 25th District
Hon. Melissa Rooker
Contact: http://melissarooker.com/


KS House, 26th District
Deann Mitchell
Contact:  https://www.deannmitchell4kansas.com/


KS House, 34th District
Hon. Valdenia Winn
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/valdenia.winn.3




GKCWPC Endorsement Process

Candidate endorsements for the NWPC is a tiered process. The national board screens and endorses candidates for federal level offices, with the input of the local and state organizations. Statewide candidates are screened and endorsed by state boards. State senate, state representative, and local candidates are screened and endorsed by local caucuses within their geographic areas. The state board may elect to screen and endorse candidates in areas where there is no local caucus.


The GKCWPC because of its unique position, straddling the Missouri and Kansas state line, screens and endorses local candidates in the greater metropolitan area encompassing both Kansas and Missouri.


Considerations for Endorsements and Contributions

We endorse women candidates in primary and general elections through screening committees, GKCWPC Board and membership votes. We utilize the following considerations.



Mission-related Factors:

  • Pro-Choice
  • Support for other GKCWPC positions
  • Voting record on all GKCWPC issues (if previous office holder)
  • Current and paid member of GKCWPC
  • Recruited by GKCWPC


Campaign-related Factors:

  • District demographics
  • Poll numbers
  • Experienced candidate (have they run or held office before?)
  • Potential financial support
  • Name identification
  • Training and staff


Contributing Factors:

  • Open seat
  • Who holds or held the seat previously?
  • Friendly incumbent
  • Endorsed by other groups


If you are interested in learning more about the endorsement process, running for office, or volunteering for a candidate,
please email us.

Current Endorsements

Missouri June 5, 2018 Special Election


Senate District 17
Rep. Lauren Arthur




Missouri August 7, 2018 Primary Election


MO Senate, 8th District
Hillary Shields
Contact: http://hillaryshields.ngpvanhost.com/


MO House, 12th District
Sandra Van Wagner
Contact: http://www.facebook.com/SandyVanWagnerHD12


MO House, 19th District
Hon. Ingrid Burnett
Contact: http://ingridburnett.com/


MO House, 20th District
Jessica Merrick
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.merrick1


MO House 23rd District
Hon. Barbara Anne Washington
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/Barbara-Anne-Washington-for-MIssouri-House-23-1572445782777484


MO House 24th District
Hon. Judy Morgan
Contact: http://www.vote4judymorgan.com


MO House District 26
Asheley Bland Manlove
Contact: https://www.manloveformissouri.com/meet-ashley


MO House 30th District
Ryana Parks Shaw
Contact: https://www.ryanaformissouri.com/


MO House 35th District
Keri Ingle
Contact: https://www.keriingle.com/


MO House 38th District
Abby Zavos
Contact: http://www.abbyzavos.com/


MO House 57th District
Joan Shores
Contact: joanshores1010@gmail.com


Jackson County, 2nd District
Arimeta Dupree
Contact: https://www.dupreeforjacksoncounty.com/


Jackson County, 2nd District at Large
Hon. Crystal Williams
Contact: http://crystaljwilliams.com/


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