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2020 Candidate Screening Form

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Missouri and Kansas 2020 Screening Form


Current Endorements Missouri 2020

GKCWPC Current Endorsements


Missouri Governor

Nicole Galloway




Missouri Lt. Governor

Allisia Canady




Missouri State Treasurer

Vickie Lorenz Englund


Top Priorities: As a former State Representative from South St. Louis County, I know how to bring people together. I learned the values of hard work, building consensus to solve problems, and service to others less fortunate than us growing up as the daughter of a Union laborer in a middle-class family in South St. Louis County. 



Missouri State Senate District 9
Barbara Anne Washington - Congratulations!
Top Priorities:
1. Juvenile Justice Reform 2. Criminal Justice Reform.  3. Eliminating Blight in our communities.  4. Modifying TIF and other tax incentives to be more fairly applied.  5. Create more funding for education – from pre–K to higher education.  6. Create more funding for mental health.  7. Creating more job opportunities and resources for small businesses.




Missouri Senate District 17

Lauren Arthur - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: My focus is on ensuring that Missourians have access to affordable health care, quality public schools, and good wage jobs with dignity. I look at all legislation through that lens. I want to make sure I am working on issues that impact people's everyday lives.



Missouri House of Reps. District 14

Ashley Aune - Congratulations!


Top priorities: I want what you want: educational opportunities for all our children; quality, affordable healthcare access to keep our families and workforce strong; a fair and transparent government that works for everyone; protections for the workers and union members who keep our economy running; and a balanced approach to ensuring the safety and security of our families.



Missouri State Rep District 15
Maggie Nurrenbern - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: I will work to expand access to healthcare and mental health services. I will be a fierce advocate for public education. I will fight for organized labor and working families as we work to rebuild our economy.





Missouri State Rep District 19
Ingrid Burnett - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: Access to quality public education opportunity; juvenile justice; promoting arts and arts education



Missouri State Rep District 24
Emily Weber - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: Increasing Access to Affordable Healthcare
Protecting our reproductive rights
Supporting public education
I'm also a supporter for equality for all, LGTQIA rights, commonsense gun laws, climate crisis and workers rights.





Missouri House Rep District 25
Patty Lewis - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: Health Care
Women’s reproductive rights
Gun Violence Prevention
Equal Rights for all including Women, LGBTQ+, Minorities, and Workers
Transparent and Ethical Government   





Missouri State Rep District 26
Ashley Bland Manlove - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: I am working on addressing; the criminal justice system, voter rights, a priority focus on the education of young people in the urban core with an eye on trauma informed supportive services, and job development.



Missouri House District 31
Rhonda Dolan
Top Priorities: 1. Equality, access, and equity for all, period.  2. Transparency & Accountability in leadership 3. Livable wages & worker protection.





Missouri State Rep District 35
Keri Ingle - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: I will continue the work of child welfare reform – ensuring that all of Missouri’s children are protected and justice is sought for them.  Mental Health/Substance Abuse service expansion – particularly in rural areas. Funding K-12 and Higher Education at the actual foundation formula. Ensuring our children are safe at school with the addition of counselors and social workers, as well as with community policing in at risk areas.



GKCWPC Endorsement Process

Candidate endorsements for the NWPC is a tiered process. The national board screens and endorses candidates for federal level offices, with the input of the local and state organizations. Statewide candidates are screened and endorsed by state boards. State senate, state representative, and local candidates are screened and endorsed by local caucuses within their geographic areas. The state board may elect to screen and endorse candidates in areas where there is no local caucus.


The GKCWPC because of its unique position, straddling the Missouri and Kansas state line, screens and endorses local candidates in the greater metropolitan area encompassing both Kansas and Missouri.


Considerations for Endorsements and Contributions

We endorse women candidates in primary and general elections through screening committees, GKCWPC Board and membership votes. We utilize the following considerations.



Mission-related Factors:

  • Pro-Choice
  • Support for other GKCWPC positions
  • Voting record on all GKCWPC issues (if previous office holder)
  • Current and paid member of GKCWPC
  • Recruited by GKCWPC


Campaign-related Factors:

  • District demographics
  • Poll numbers
  • Experienced candidate (have they run or held office before?)
  • Potential financial support
  • Name identification
  • Training and staff


Contributing Factors:

  • Open seat
  • Who holds or held the seat previously?
  • Friendly incumbent
  • Endorsed by other groups


If you are interested in learning more about the endorsement process, running for office, or volunteering for a candidate,
please email us.

Current Endorsements


Current Endorsements Kansas 2020

GKCWPC Current Endorsements


Kansas State Senate, District 9

Stacey Knoell


Top Priorities: My top priorities have always been Medicaid Expansion and protecting women's reproductive rights. However, two major things have occurred in the world since I filed in November 2019. Coronavirus focused the need for adequate healthcare for all Americans even as it decimated the economy and the state budget. Now, moving into the next session, I would like to be a voice in the room and a vote that keeps an eye on protecting the most vulnerable populations from losing their funding and support as budget discussions move forward.

The second elephant in the room is the current social unrest that surrounds the treatment of African Americans at the hands of white law enforcement. Many people are noticing the systemic nature of racism in this country. While protest and activism are NEEDED AND NECESSARY (I started as an activist), it is clear that to make a change in the system, we must change who is in office.

There are only two African Americans in the Kansas State Senate. I hope to make it three to bring a different perspective and different life experience to the Kansas Statehouse. There are bills that have gone through the Kansas Legislature - or more specifically have not made it through - dealing with everything from discrimination based on hair texture to how the handling of suspended drivers licenses and bail disproportionately affect communities of color, to the regulation of payday lending institutions to, yes Medicaid Expansion or making sure schools are adequately funded. There are bills that will see the light of day on everything from criminal justice reform to "stand your ground" laws and I would love to be there to cast a vote for "the least of these."




Kansas State Senate, District 10

Lindsey Constance


Top Priorities:

1. Strengthen the Economy-As a practical and responsible leader, I will work to stabilize the budget, easing the burden on taxpayers by prioritizing policies that help everyday working Kansans. I will work with my colleagues to continue building a system that provides stability, invests in services for the most vulnerable, makes state and local communities stronger, and gives all Kansans the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. To strengthen our economy during these uncertain times, we must continue to prioritize investments in education, infrastructure, healthcare, renewable energy, and bioscience. These sectors create good-paying jobs for the workers of today and tomorrow.

2. Protect School Funding-With more than 16 years of experience as a public school teacher and a Master’s in Educational Policy, I understand that education is an economic driver, and will work hard every day to protect investments in education at all levels - from early childhood education through higher education and career training programs. Not only does quality education help Kansas kids, but it promotes the health of local economies by attracting new families and companies to put down roots. As a mother of two, I will fight to protect funding for our schools in these uncertain economic times. I know first-hand that Kansas schools are still recovering from years of underfunding and will stand up to any cuts to our children’s future.

3. Increase access to affordable healthcare- I believe that now more than ever, it is critical to expanding Medicaid in order to provide as many as 130,000 Kansans with access to healthcare, keep local hospitals and clinics open, and maintain and create essential jobs across the state. Kansas taxpayer dollars belong right here at the benefit of hardworking Kansans. A healthier, more productive workforce helps our state economy grow. In addition to expanding Medicaid, I will advocate for greater access to quality mental health services for all Kansans and vital services for aging Kansans.





Kansas State Senate, District 11

Dr. Joy Koesten


Top Priorities: Women's reproductive rights

Access to affordable healthcare (Medicaid expansion), including mental health care and addiction treatment

Restoring our economy

Gun safety

Public education funding

Infrastructure, including extensive access to broadband across the state

All of my priorities are explained on my website




Kansas State Senate, District 21
Dinah Sykes - Congratulations!
Top Priorities: 
Medicaid Expansion, closing the loophole on domestic violence abusers being able to keep guns, affordable high-quality childcare, women’s rights, and criminal justice reform.




Kansas State Senate, District 23

Wendy Budetti


Top Priorities: When elected, my top priorities are ensuring our public schools receive adequate funding, passing Medicaid Expansion, expanding common-sense gun legislation, and protect reproductive rights.




Kansas State Senate, District 37

Becca Peck


Top Priorities: Passing Medicaid Expansion, rebuilding KS Economy, reducing/eliminating food sales tax, appropriate public school funding, and the 10-year roads/bridges project.




Kansas House of Reps, District 9

Alana Cloutier


Top Priorities:

Health care is the biggest one. My district has multiple clinics, and two hospitals that we need to protect. It's shameful that we still couldn't get Medicaid expansion passed in the middle of a pandemic. Access to health care touches on every issue in my district.

Small business. How can we support people who want to take a risk and start a small business? How can I get them to take a chance on starting it in a district like mine?

Building local food ecosystems. I'm still doing research and talking to local farmers and ranchers, about their concerns, but I already have a couple of big questions. How can we help the current generation of farmers and ranchers? How can we help the next generation of farmers feel like taking over the family farm is a good long term decision? What can we do to support small farmers who want to grow products for local stores and restaurants?




Kansas House of Reps, District 10

Christina Haswood - Congratulations!


Top Priorities: As a professional public health researcher, expanding Medicaid to 150,000 Kansans who do not currently qualify for it is my top priority - especially with the global coronavirus crisis that is currently raging. I am also a strong proponent of lowering or eliminating the food sales tax, which is regressive and hurts the poorest members of our communities the most, as it is the second-highest in the nation. My third priority is protecting the recent course correction our state has taken on funding public education, and growing our investment in higher education, as the Lawrence and Baldwin City communities are serviced by three universities: the University of Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University (my alma mater!), and Baker University.




 Kansas House of Reps, District 14

Angela Justus Schweller


Top Priorities:

1. Protect Public School Funding. Ultraconservatives are working to dismantle our public schools by pushing legislation for vouchers and tax credits that steer public dollars away from our public schools. In addition to creating a better future for our children, ensuring we have great public schools helps our local economy by attracting businesses and increases resale values for our homes.

2. Work to Lower Healthcare Costs. Once again our state legislature failed to pass Medicaid Expansion, threatening the lives of 130,000 Kansans without healthcare. In addition, many people in our community are one illness away from life-changing financial hardship. By working collaboratively with all levels of government and community groups to lower healthcare costs, we can help provide a level of financial security.

3. Return Transparency to Public Office. Being elected to public office is an honor and privilege. It provides an opportunity to be a true public servant, and it comes with a responsibility to have clear communication with those you represent. District 14 would benefit from and deserves a representative who will listen to the concerns of the people, think critically, and support pragmatic solutions in an open and honest fashion.




Kansas House of Reps, District 16

Linda Featherston


Top Priorities:

My top priority is to fully fund our public schools. Education is the basis of society and the best way for our children to get ahead. I am tired of representatives in Topeka saying they support public schools while never voting to fund them appropriately. This includes funding our state universities and colleges. The Brownback tax experiment dramatically increased college tuition while starving these institutions of needed funds for innovation and maintenance. We need to keep our best and brightest in Kansas by providing them an affordable, world-class education at all levels.

I am a strong advocate for common-sense gun laws. I belong to Moms Demand Action and serve as a Be SMART educator. As a teacher, I cannot watch one more first grader being led out of their school with their eyes covered to avoid the horrors of yet another school shooting. As a person, I cannot hear again that an old friend has died by completed suicide by gun. I cannot receive that phone call again that says a family member has died and know even before the person on the other end says it that he died by completed suicide by gun.

The issue that finally pushed me to run is Medicaid expansion. I cannot sit idly by while 150,000 of my fellow Kansans lack access to affordable healthcare. It is unconscionable that we live in the richest country in the world and have citizens die because they lack access to healthcare. Add to that, Kansas has lost nearly $4 billion of our tax dollars by not expanding Medicaid and this issue becomes an absolute must pass.





Kansas House of Reps, District 17

Jo Ella Hoye - Congratulations!


Top Priorities:

Pandemic Recovery: A healthy economy is essential to our quality of life. As states see their biggest budget shortfalls on record, lawmakers need stakeholders at the table to prepare for our recovery. Kansans are resilient. We won't let our communities and industries fall behind. Pandemic response must be safe and equitable.

Gun Violence Prevention: We need sensible gun laws such as background checks on all gun sales, bills that keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and red flag laws. We must defeat dangerous bills like lowering the conceal carry age from 21 to 18; and we must repeal our state's Stand Your Ground Law that disproportionately impacts communities of color. Excellence in Education: Lawmakers must ensure that school funding reflects the changes in educational costs. Kansas schools lost more Federal Title I funding than any other state in 2019, and 5 out of 13 Title I schools in the Shawnee Mission School District lost their Title I status after the district lost over $1 million in funding. My son attends one of the schools that lost Title I status, so I see the continued impact that these cuts have on education. Funding cuts over the years have led to larger class sizes, program cuts, and greater difficulty in teachers being able to meet the needs of their students. We are on the long road to recovery, and we should continue to invest in education, especially as our educators are faced with the challenges of virtual and social-distanced classrooms.

Affordable Health Care: We must expand Medicaid.

Environment: Industries have an inherent responsibility to be stewards of the environment and have a seat at the table to find solutions. We must work together to protect our air and water resources by leveraging technologies and implementing industry-specific best practices. Kansas should invest in biotechnology, infrastructure, wind and solar energy, and transportation alternatives.

Zero Discrimination: Governor Kelly took important action to restore LGBTQ+ protections for state employees and her administration will allow residents to change their gender on their birth certificates. I will fight for equal rights for all Kansans. Criminal Justice Reform: Kansas was once a national leader in justice reinvestment. Now, our lawmakers face the challenge of recovering from years of neglect. We must find solutions to overcrowding in prisons and restore criminal justice best practices. The legislature must urgently address sentencing reform.




Kansas House of Reps, District 18

Cindy Neighbor - Congratulations!


Top Priorities:  Continuing to fund all levels of education as is written in the Constitution; Passing Medicaid Expansion for all; Mental health and suicide prevention, Foster Care Enhancement; and improving our judicial system.



Kansas State Representative, 19th District

Stephanie Clayton - Congratulations!


Top Priorities: Stephanie is a tireless advocate for government transparency and accountability. After years of work, the Kansas Legislature now offers live-streaming of all committee proceedings, an initiative first proposed by Clayton in 2013. She continues to fight for openness in government by advocating for the elimination of anonymous legislation, and the recording of all legislative votes. You can follow her on twitter @sscjocoks, where she posts every vote she takes in real-time, keeping her constituents up-to-date. ‚Äč



Kansas House of Reps, District 20

Mari-Lynn Poskin - Congratulations!


Top Priorities:


Kansans deserve outstanding education opportunities across the lifespan: early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary. World-class public schools are the backbone of our economy and must be fully funded according to the Kansas Constitution. State funding of our trade, community, and 4-year colleges in Kansas has fallen to the lowest levels in years under previous administrations, shifting the cost burden to families and creating crippling student debt.


As the primary caregiver for her husband who has MS and a small business owner without employer-sponsored health insurance, Mari-Lynn understands how critical access to affordable healthcare is.

We must stop sending billions of Kansas taxpayer dollars to other states and support rural hospitals with Medicaid expansion, 75% of Kansans support Medicaid Expansion.

Kansas teens, veterans, and farmers are dying by suicide in record numbers, We need to increase access to affordable, evidence-based mental health services.


Kansas has not had a comprehensive strategic development plan since 1986. Department of Commerce initiatives and services were eliminated or cut in the last 10 years. This will be even more critical due to COVID-19. Ensure an educated and healthy workforce is available to attract 21st-century businesses. Mari-Lynn supports Governor Kelly’s “Kansas Framework for Growth.”




Kansas House of Reps, District 22

Lindsay Vaughn - Congratulations!


Top Priorities: Expanding Access to Affordable Healthcare

Medicaid expansion is long overdue in Kansas. With the continuing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to protect the health of working Kansans. I also believe in affordable birth control and want to pass a state law that ensures the preservation of federal contraceptive standards, which require health insurance coverage for the full range of contraceptive methods used by women, including counseling and related services, without out-of-pocket costs. I also support empowering the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to implement a program to increase access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs), which can help decrease teen pregnancies, abortions, and high-risk pregnancies.

Funding Public Education

In 2019, our legislature finally restored school funding to constitutional levels. Unfortunately, this does not undo the consequences of a long history of underfunding. I will fight to protect and grow school funding because high-quality public schools are essential in creating opportunities for our children and in attracting new businesses with an educated workforce. I believe we need to invest in all levels of education, from early childhood and special education through higher education and job training. That means supporting the Kansas Children’s Cabinet’s Strategic Plan for early childhood education across the state, increasing teacher pay, making state university salaries competitive again, and restoring due process for teachers.

Stabilizing the Budget and Providing Tax Relief for Hardworking Kansans

Kansas is still recovering from former Governor Sam Brownback’s failed tax experiment. Now, as we face another economic downturn, I believe it's more important than ever to pursue a responsible, fair, and sustainable tax policy. This requires balancing income, sales, and property tax revenue and stopping the diversion of KDOT and KPERS funds to other parts of the government. I also support property tax relief. Lower property taxes will lead to more affordable housing options, so young people, seniors, teachers, and public safety officers can afford to live in Johnson County.




Kansas House of Reps, District 23

Susan Ruiz - Congratulations!


Top Priorities:

Medicaid expansion

Defend everyone's right to vote

Invest in KS schools

Ensure equality for all Kansans

Improve access to mental health services

Decrease the food sales tax

Provide early childhood education

Take care of our veterans

Address climate change for once and for all

Decriminalize & destigmatize cannabis

Support women's access to reproductive health that includes: access to sex education, family planning, emergency contraceptives, and abortion services.  

I will continue to advocate and promote legislation that will improve the lives of women, especially women of color.



Kansas House of Reps, District 28

Sally Jercha


Top Priorities:

My top priorities as State Representative will be to:

1) Pass Medicaid Expansion in Kansas

2) Protect public school funding during the budgeting process

3) Rescind the campus carry gun law &

4) Ensure critical infrastructure and mental health needs are funded

Other concerns that I would like to address are:

Address systemic problems in racial disparity (with Medicaid expansion and protecting public school funding critical first steps in this process)

Protect bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom

Pass a statewide nondiscrimination law



Kansas House of Reps, District 34

Dr. Valdenia Winn - Congratulations!



Kansas House of Reps, District 38

Sherri D. Grogan


Top Priorities:

1.  Stabilize the budget and economy.  I support initiatives that create jobs, improve tax fairness, and deliver services more efficiently.  Increased focus on expanding rural internet will provide economic opportunity, jobs, and also support remote learning. 

2.  Improve health outcomes in Kansas.  This includes expanding Medicaid and supporting programs for mental health needs.

3.  Make Kansas a welcoming place for all.  Eliminate discriminatory policies and foster an environment of kindness and love. 

4.  Prepare our children for the future.  Support public education, teachers, and protect school funding.    Also, support programs that would make post-high school education more accessible and/or affordable. 

 5.  Protect our rights, i.e., reproductive, property, religion, speech, 2nd amendment, etc.




Kansas House of Reps, District 40

Joana Scholtz


Top Priorities: My top priorities will be Medicaid Expansion because health care should not be tied to your job. This pandemic has demonstrated the inequities in access to healthcare.

Improving funding to schools to increase teacher compensations and classroom funding. As a retired teacher and instructional facilitator, I know how important it is for teachers to be properly compensated and that a large number of students in classrooms without additional support have negative outcomes for our students and communities at large. Funding Veteran health and support programs is a top priority because the needs of veterans continue to be underfunded and reactionary. We need to provide progressive programs for aging and disabled veterans that protect their dignity and honor their contributions to our safety and freedom.






Kansas State House of Reps, District 49

Katie Dixon


Top Priorities:

1. Fighting extremism in Topeka. Everyday Kansans have had it with partisan bickering. District 49 deserves a pragmatic representation that delivers collaborative solutions to benefit all Kansans.

2. Support seniors and their families. Seniors and their caregivers are faced with unique challenges and unexpected expenses. The Kansas legislature must be proactive by addressing the economic and social concerns that come with supporting senior populations and their families.

3. Protect public school funding. Strong public schools drive strong local economies. I’ll fight extremists in Topeka who continually try to divert state revenue from public schools to far less regulated private schools.



Kansas House of Reps, District 67

Cheryl Arthur

Top Priorities:

          Promote logical/responsible stewardship of state monies to continue economic development  successes in District 67

          Advance State educational funding above and beyond Court mandated levels

          Promote rebalancing/reallocating distribution of resources for community protection and social services.

          Support Medicaid Expansion in Kansas



Kansas House of Reps, District 85

Marcey Gregory


Top Priorities: After the recent pandemic we just experienced, I believe it is paramount that Kansas embrace and move forward with Medicaid Expansion.  It is also important that we partner with the Department of Labor to ensure that Kansans who have been fired or laid off as a result of business shutdowns continue to receive income in order to keep roofs over their heads and their families fed, as well as providing assistance with future job search and/or training/re-training.



Kansas House of Reps, District  105

Michelle Snyder

Top Priorities: The expansion of Medicaid for Kansas.

Equal rights for LGBTQQIA individuals signed into law.